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Andersen, Flesher and Key sing “Once Upon a Time”

Anderson, Flesher, & Key is Amarillo’s premier party band. With the rock-solid drums from Drexel Ammons, they are still performing their unique blend of acoustic instruments and three part vocal harmonies. In 1980, Jackie Anderson and Bob Flesher were playing folk music for small local clubs and ski resorts in Taos, Angel Fire, and Red River. In 1981, they were joined by Woody Key for a one night performance. With no time to think of a catchy name, they were billed simply using their surnames. That one magic evening jelled into AFK and a musical friendship that has endured ever since.

By the end of 1982, Lynn Williams joined the group. They soon recorded Café Video, a PBS television special with all original music. In May of 1984, they released their first studio album entitled “Right on the Edge”. The album received rave reviews and is still traded by collectors today.

With Lynn’s move to Nashville in 1985, the band brought on a whole new concept for drums. The new drummer was in a box filled with e-prom chips and programmed by computer whiz Woody Key. The group would spend hours rehearsing with the machine until the music was tight as possible. The years between 84’ and 89’ were spent playing five to six nights a week in Amarillo, Dallas, Nashville, Lubbock, Midland, Taos, and South Padre Island. During that time their sound transformed from a country-rock band to a hard rockin’ dance group that played all the hits of the 80’s that dominated the air waves. In the late 80’s they introduced an array of keyboards and guitar synthesizers. With skin tight vocals, it was the largest three piece band you could find.

See Andersen Flesher and Key with the other talented artist at the . . .
Friends of Fogelberg Concert
August 19th, 2010  at 7:30pm
Globe News Center for the Performing Arts
500 S. Buchanan Street
Amarillo, Texas
Tickets $15

All proceeds will benefit the Don and Sybil Harrington Cancer Center.


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