In the fight against Prostate Cancer

Golfing raises money for prostate cancer

The Amarillo based organization “Friends of Fogelberg” held its 1st Annual Golf Scramble on October 9, 2010 at Comanche Trail Golf Complex. Along with the Great Palo Duro Prostate Putting Relay on October 3, the group raised $2,500, benefitting the Harrington Cancer Center to battle prostate cancer. Legendary singer songwriter, Dan Fogelberg, died of prostate cancer in December 2007 at age 56 inspiring the organization of the group, Friends of Fogelberg. The group’s goals are to raise awareness and to urge men that early screening could save their lives. Organizers believe that the issue of prostate cancer’s time has come and it should be treated with the same urgency and attention that breast cancer receives. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a great model for Friends of Fogelberg They have done wonderful work at Komen. They “Think Pink.” At Friends of Fogelberg, we “DO BLUE.”

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