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Soulbreakers in Tribute for Dan

The Soulbreakers will be performing at the Friends of Fogelberg III Tribute Concert at the Globe News Center for the Performing Arts in Amarillo Texas. July 26, 2012.  More info.

Steve Hathaway – Guitar

Woody Key – Guitar & Vocals

Scott Nall – Drums

Robert Workman – Bass & Vocals


The Soulbreakers, a rhythm & blues band from Amarillo, have performed over 500 shows since they began back in March of 1996.  Collectively they have over 125 years’ musical experience, and Soulbreakers members have performed on shows with many of the greats of the music industry including ZZ Top, Joe Cocker, Canned Heat, Huey Lewis & The News, Jonny Lang, Ian Moore, The Ventures, and Muddy Waters.  Their CD release “Black & White Blues” features original material as well as some popular standards.


For Friends of Fogelberg III, the band will be performing 2 re-tooled Dan songs, “Beyond the Edge” and “Road Beneath My Wheels.”  Woody:  “Dan could be quite the blues man, and we took ‘Road Beneath My Wheels,’ which was a solo performance that he did on ‘Greetings from the West,’ and cranked it up a notch.  Steve plays some of his usual low-down, gritty guitar on this; Steve’s got the greatest tone, and his playing is just ‘dignified,’ that’s the best description I can give it.  Robert is an awesome bass player, he just nails the bottom end, makes it look so easy.  Scott Nall is his one-of-a-kind mix of steady restraint coupled with the occasional ‘who knows what’s going to happen,’ which always raises the temperature a few degrees wherever we’re playing.  I get to sing and play some slide along with this formidable bunch, and we are fortunate to also feature the playing of our friends Ray Higgs on harmonica, and Bob Hopkins on piano and organ.  A good time will be had by all.”

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