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Dan Fogelberg Tribute Concert 2008

Mission Accomplished!
Joe Ed Coffman has been a long time fan of Dan Fogelberg and his music. The news of Fogelberg’s death due to prostate cancer was a hard blow. Dan had played a strong influence on Joe Ed’s own music throughout the years and Joe Ed wanted to do something to celebrate Dan’s life and music.  His desire to do this led to creating a tribute concert to honor Dan Fogelberg but, not just any concert, he wanted to create a fundraiser to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation in honor of Dan. And so the work began: making contacts with PCF and; Amarillo area musicians; seed money donors; etc.

It was a labor of love for all involved. Joe Ed gathered the cream of the crop of Amarillo area’s best musicians, who generously donated their time and talent. The stage and program were quickly filled to capacity. The goals of this concert were many 1) To celebrate the life and music of Dan Fogelberg. 2) To create awareness and education about prostate cancer, and 3) To raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation for further research. 4) Last, but not least, have a great time!

The concert was a beautiful celebration of Dan’s music, filled with amazing performances by all of the musicians involved. The generosity of individuals and businesses needed to make the concert possible was outstanding. Donations to PCF were an incredible $22,800. A huge plus to this production was Safeway, Corp.’s promise to match donations dollar for dollar, resulting in total donations stemming from the concert to an astounding $45,600!  To the best of our knowledge, this was the first Dan Fogleberg Tribute Concert to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Yep! Amarillo’s got talent! The professionalism and performance of the musicians that filled the stage made for a magical evening! Thanks and kudos to everyone involved, but especially to Joe Ed Coffman for bringing his vision to fruition.

Vicki Claytor,
Assistant to Producer

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