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Quest for blue paper raises prostate cancer awareness


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“Thank you for increasing awareness of breast cancer with Saturday’s pink paper. Next September — we missed this past month’s prostate awareness month — perhaps you could increase awareness of prostate cancer by printing the paper in a light blue hue, the national symbol for prostate cancer.”

— Gerald H. Holman, Amarillo

Dr. Gerald Holman rested in bed at his Wolflin house last week. Three pillows propped up his head. If he needed Audrey, his wife of nearly 59 years, he lightly tapped the wall behind him.

Spread out on the king-sized bed were an iPhone, an iPad and medications in a small zipped bag. A glass of water was at his side, and he frequently took a long draw from it.

“Thanks for coming,” he said. “Sorry I can’t get up.”

His 83-year-old body, underneath light gold pajamas, was thin and frail. But his voice was strong, his mind alert and his focus was on others, not himself.

“I’ll be dead in a month,” he said almost matter-of-factly. “At the most, three months.”

Holman said he had some goals he likely won’t make. He wants to see who wins the November presidential election. He and Audrey wanted to return to their beloved Sanibel Island in Florida, but he’s too weak for that. He dearly wants to make it to Sept. 25, his 59th wedding anniversary.

Without Audrey, he said, he wouldn’t have made it this far.

But there was a more immediate goal.

“It’s only a few days away,” he said, “and I think I’ll make that.”

It was to see the Amarillo Globe-News printed on light blue paper. Don’t adjust your newspaper. It’s intentional.